Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Using Grinder

So you’ve had a dead, dying, or otherwise unwanted tree removed from your yard. But now, you’re left with an unsightly stump! You could opt to remove it yourself, or hire a tree stump removal service.
You could wait for it to decay, but that will likely to take years. In the meantime, you’re stuck with an eyesore just sitting there in your yard.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to go through the trouble of having a tree removed and then leave a stump just lying there.


Reasons for Removing a Stump

There are obvious reasons why you don’t want a stump sitting in your yard for a long period.

  • A stump is an eyesore.

It’s not nice to have your landscape marred by a stump. In time, weeds are likely to grow on and around it, which makes for an even less attractive sight.

  • It takes up space.

You want your yard to look neat, wide and clear. A stump mars that vision.

  • It makes your yard unsafe.

A stump which you can see is unattractive. But a stump which you CANNOT see is a serious hazard.

When you leave a stump, weeds, grass, and other plants are likely to grow on and around it – camouflaging its presence. People can stub their toes on the stub. They can trip on it and fall.

A stump clearly poses a risk of minor, and even serious, injury.

Do-it-Yourself Vs Hire a Professional

It’s prudent to remove a stump as soon as you can. Some stumps are easy to get rid of, while others are not.


Do-It-Yourself Stump Removal – Difficult and Dangerous

There are several techniques for removing a stump. It’s a good idea to learn about these techniques and decide which one to use for your particular situation.

The following are the options available to you:

  • Get rid of the stump manually.

There are certain types of stumps which lend themselves to relatively easy removal. You can remove a small tree stump manually. You can do the same with a stump of an old or diseased tree.

You will need several things to help you with your task. You need some chain and a four-wheel-drive truck. You’ll need some tools like a hatchet, a digging bar, a shovel, a pick mattock, and a limbing saw or a chainsaw.

Get rid of the lower branches and the top portion of the trunk with your chainsaw or the limbing saw. There should be enough of the trunk left to provide leverage for removing the stump.

Expose the roots using your shovel, digging bar, or pick mattock as required. You can also use a power washer or a hose to rinse dirt off to expose more roots.

Use the ax for cutting the primary roots.

Push the trunk. If you see more roots, cut them. Push and pull the trunk until it’s completely uprooted.

If the trunk refuses to budge, tie the chain around it and attach the chain to a truck. Pull the truck forward then reverse. Continue with the pull-and-reverse action, wiggling the trunk until you uproot it completely.

  • Use chemicals.

You’ll need a chainsaw, a drill, and an axe. You’ll also need potassium nitrate and kerosene or fuel oil.

Use the chainsaw for cutting as much of the stump as you can.

Drill holes measuring about an inch each around the border of the stump. Go inward by approximately 4 inches and add more holes. The holes should be about 8 to 12 inches deep.

Add holes on the sides. The holes should meet and form 45-degree angles.

Pour potassium nitrate liberally into the holes. Pour water to fill up the holes.

Leave the water/potassium nitrate on the holes for about 4 to 6 weeks. The stump will become soft and spongy at the end of this period.

Cut the spongy stump into pieces with an ax for easy removal.

As an alternative, you can pour kerosene or fuel oil on the stump and leave it there for a week. Set fire to the stump and let it burn away completely.

  • Hasten the decay of the stump.

The procedure is similar to burning the stump.

You make 8 or 10-inch holes around the stump using a drill. Pour your choice of a high-nitrogen chemical into the holes. Fill the holes with water.

The stump will gradually soften over time. Whittle off parts of the stump. Pack up the holes with dirt as needed.

  • Use a stump grinder.

You can rent a grinder and use it to get rid of the stump. You’ll also need a rake, chainsaw, shovel, and mattock for the job.

Get rid of the rocks surrounding the stump by using a mattock or shovel.

Use a chainsaw to cut off what you can of the stump. Get the stump down to ground level if you can.

Use the hydraulic level to bring the grinder wheel about 2 inches over the stump. Turn the grinder on and bring the grinder wheel about 3 or 4 inches deep into the stump. Use the lever to move the grinder side to side.

Move the grinder wheel forward to grind down the next section. Continue with the process until the stump is deep below the ground by about 4 inches or more.

Make sure to use protective gear when you use a stump grinder. Protective goggles are essential. You can expect debris like wood chips to fly everywhere.

Make sure that you have someone show you how to use a stump grinder before you rent one. It’s a risky piece of machinery.


Why You Need a Professional Tree Stump Removal Service

If all that sounds like a daunting task, that’s because it IS… for someone who’s not a professional in the tree care business.

As you can see from the above, removing a tree stump is a complicated process. The process requires much time and effort to accomplish, not to mention needing to buy or rent the necessary equipment to get the job done.

Some of the equipment require special skills, and can be dangerous to use if you don’t have the required proficiency.

Considering the many drawbacks and hazards of the DIY method, it’s clearly better to hire a professional service.


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