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What are the Common Risks That Trees Pose?

When you have trees on your property, you face some risks. Even a perfectly healthy tree can fall and cause injury to people or damage to your property. When that’s the case you will need the help of a professional tree removal service.

There are many natural variables that may weaken a tree. Strong gusty winds may break large branches or uproot the entire tree. Unceasing rainfall may cause the soil to become heavily saturated with water. Ice storms may knock a tree down.

A tree which is storm damaged, weak from decay, or infested with pests or insects can easily fall and strike power lines, your house, or your car.

It can damage your property. It can injure people.

There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate if a tree is hazardous.  A trained person is able to verify these symptoms, diagnose the condition, and prescribe treatment.

It’s important to cut the weak branches or remove the tree entirely if the tree poses serious risk. You should not wait for the tree to topple over before you take the necessary action.

This is particularly true if the tree grows right over your garage, your house, or in places where you and your family hang out. You may need a tree service expert if you have a tree that presents grave threats to property, well-being, and lives.


Tree Removal Service WorkerWhat is a Licensed Arborist?

A certified arborist is someone who has received extensive training and education in how to properly take care of trees. He usually works for a government office, a public utility, or a tree service company. You can trust a tree service company which includes an arborist in its staff to know how to go about carrying out the different tree services, including removal of trees.

What Are The More Common
Techniques For Tree Removal?

  • Tree felling

This technique calls for a person to cut a tree at its very base, causing the entire tree to drop to the ground.

Most people think that this technique is the cheapest, simplest, and easiest way of removing trees. It’s also a safe method for removing a tree provided it’s done by someone who knows how to carry it out properly.

How you form the felling notch, how you make the back cut, how you overcome the side and back lean – these are the foremost factors that determine if tree felling can be carried out effectively.

This technique may also be the quickest way to get a tree down. However, it’s also a procedure which calls for major clean-up. The tree felling method is likely to cause the branches to impale directly into the ground. It also causes deep depression on the ground.

  • Spar Pole Rigging

This technique requires an arborist to trim the branches from the trunk. Using a rigging rope, he then catches the top and nearby pieces of wood and lowers them to the ground.

The arborist needs to consider factors essential to safety. He has to determine the weight of the wood, as well as the structural force and strength of the rigging point.

  • Whole Tree Rigging/Removal

The arborist attaches each part of the tree to a rope and brings it down from a rigging point located overhead. He line-slides and speed-lines, lifts and lowers, floats anchor points, balances branches to make them float in a horizontal position – and combines any of these means. If it’s not safe for him to climb a tree, he uses a crane instead.


What Are the Different Types
of Equipment Used for Tree Removal?

In ancient times, people burned trees to bring them down. Then they started using tomahawks and other stone implements to remove a tree.

The ax was later used to fell a tree and ensure a precise landing. It was used for getting firewood, clearing farmlands, and building houses. The ax’s design evolved to provide resilience, strength, and balance.

The crosscut saw was first utilized for cutting logs lengthwise. Then people learned to use them horizontally for tree removal.

Two inventions made it easier to cut down trees. The first one was the tempered steel blade which remained sharp even after hours of use. The second one was the use of raker teeth that made it easier to lug away sap and sawdust.

Other designs for cutting trees soon emerged. These included the bucksaw, springboard or metal-tipped planks, and cypress logging. The gasoline-powered, moveable chainsaw replaced the bucksaw and the crosscut. Hydraulic shears soon joined the other equipment to make removal faster, easier and more convenient.


Why You Need a Professional Tree Removal Service?

Tree workers who “trim trees” may lack the training for the job efficiently. They may inadvertently do things that can cause serious weakening, disfigurement, or damage to trees.

Some practices can even result in killing the trees. They may also lack the training required to properly and safely remove trees.

Make sure the tree removal service you choose has workers who are equipped with the knowledge and training necessary to do the job efficiently. Research the company that you are thinking of hiring.

A legitimate company has trained staff and equipment to remove a tree safely from your property, without exposing your property and family to the potential dangers posed by the complicated process of tree removal.

When you hire HomeTownTreeServices you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, safely, and that you will be fully satisfied with the results.


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