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Hometown Tree Services, LLC, is an industry leader in professional land clearing. With nationwide services, our highly-dedicated team also specializes in tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding/removal and much more.

Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial establishments –we have the tools and expertise to effectively clear land with timely and efficient results. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule an appointment or secure a complimentary consultation.

Professional Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is never an easy task and requires both experience and the right equipment. Our seasoned experts have and continue to clear land for numerous contractors and land developers. With years of extensive industry experience, our tree service technicians also go above and beyond the call of duty to meet all your project needs within time and budget. We also understand the importance of timely deliverables, budget concerns, and project timelines for all new and existing clients.

Whether you need land clearing services for new developments or expanding existing lots, our team is always ready to achieve your desired results. We handle all project particulars and aspects from start to finish.

This includes meeting tight deadlines, strict budget requirements, customized requests, and paperwork. With true expertise and a strong eye for detail — we handle each project with precision and efficiency across the board.

Land Clearing Service

Our land clearing services include but are not limited to:

  • Tree Removal — We specialize in removing trees from any and all properties. Whether for large trees, small trees, or stumps, we handle all jobs in a safe and effective manner.
  • As always, we meet all environmental guidelines, deed restrictions, and other safety measures when removing trees and debris.
  • Stump Removal — We remove dangerous and unsightly tree stumps with true tact and precision. Our service technicians ensure high-quality services for all new and existing projects.
  • Shrub Removal — We specialize in removing shrubs, brush, and leaves for your convenience. Our experts also haul away all debris leaving you with a spotless and clean lot to work with. We also work hard to prevent re-growth in all areas.
  • Trimming and Pruning — Our professional tree services also include trimming and pruning. Simply let us know which trees require these treatments and consider it done.
  • Debris Hauling – Our team works diligently to solve all your land clearing problems. This includes debris hauling and removal that meets all environmental and municipal guidelines.

Residential and Commercial Land Clearing Techniques

Hometown Tree Services, LLC, is committed to excellence in all residential and commercial land clearing projects. We also utilize the latest techniques, tools, and equipment to ensure favorable outcomes for all our clients. These include but are not limited to:

  • Stump Cutters — These units resemble large gas-powered lawn mowers and are designed to effectively remove large or small tree stumps from landscapes.
  • Loppers — Resemble long scissors that remove tree limbs, twigs, and hard to reach branches.
  • Pickaxes — Pickaxes are used to remove large stones and rocks from any residential or commercial landscape. These tools play a pivotal role in smashing apart rocks for fast and easy removal.
  • Industrial Strength Rakes — Utilized to clear mass debris, including fallen leaves, small rocks, dead grass, and especially tree branches and twigs. Perfect for optimal debris cleanup and removal.
  • Bulldozers — Bulldozers or earth excavating equipment are used for large industrial, architectural, or real-estate lots that require maximum land clearing services.

Land clearing helps real-estate developers prepare for new commercial or residential property building. Similarly, park and wildlife development agencies rely on our services to clear areas with heavy forestry and mass vegetation.

Hometown Tree Services, LLC, also specializes in property enhancements for new home sales, remodels, open-houses, and grand business openings. From fence line clearing to site preparation and wetlands restoration, we simply do it all.

No land clearing project is ever too large or small. We’re certified and insured and ready to tackle all your jobs in any capacity, niche or industry.

Land Clearing Experts at Your Service

Hometown Tree Services, LLC, treats every project as if it were our own. In fact, efficiency and unparalleled professionalism are truly the cornerstones of our thriving and growing business.

Our experts perform all services on-time, within budget, and to exact client specifications and needs. Our tree removal services are designed to exceed industry expectations — and as always — we feature the right equipment and tools for each and every job.

From junk removal to commercial or residential demolition projects, we are available for all services across the nation. Our business incorporates green options and abides by all environmentally-friendly guidelines and rules. Whether for same-day or next-day services, one phone call is all you need to get the best and most affordable tree removal services across the country.

From clearing small backyard lots to large projects, we handle all types of land clearing jobs and services. This includes:

  • Real estate and residential property enhancements.
  • Brush cutting, brush clearing, and brush removal.
  • Park and wildlife development — forestry/re-forestry.
  • Wetlands restoration projects — government land protection projects.
  • Site preparation and debris hauling for demolition, architectural and industrial projects.
  • Tree removal for all properties and fence line cleaning.

For more information on land clearing and a free estimate, simply contact us today and get the results you deserve.

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