Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal Situation

It’s great to have trees on your property!

They’re useful for the shade they provide. They add value to your property because of their natural majesty and appeal. If you have trees, however, you need to have them periodically inspected to prevent emergency problems.


There are Many Situations Requiring Emergency Tree Removal

  • Storms

Your tree may be at risk all through the year from unusual weather patterns. Lightning, tornadoes, ice storms, harsh strong winds, and hurricanes can easily strike at a tree and cause it to fall and create even greater damage.

You can be proactive. You can seek an emergency tree removal service so they can assess the trees on your property, and determine which ones are likely to pose a great threat to your home when inclement weather strikes.

They can establish which trees are frail or damaged. They can find out which trees are faultily located – too near your home, or too close to power lines, for example. They can remove such trees ahead of time.

Doing so will prevent the limbs or entire trees from falling on your property, which will keep your home and loved ones safe.

  • Wrong location

The tree may be located too near your house or fence and is likely to topple over during a strong windy storm or harsh snowfall.

It can be a large tree which towers over your slate roof, skylights and house, and thus creates unwanted issues. It can be a tree that hovers over your new swimming pool, or you new expensive landscape and flagstone patio, constantly scattering its branches and twigs over the area. It can be an immense tree with huge limbs that span over your neighbor’s property.

  • A storm-damaged, sickly or dying tree

A tree which is storm-damaged, insect-infested, weak or unhealthy can pose a great danger to your family and property.

The entire tree, or its weak but heavy branches, can fall on your house or car. It can fall and block the driveway or the road. It can fall and down power lines, resulting in even greater danger. It can damage property and cause grave injury or death.

If a tree on your property should fall on your neighbor’s property and cause damage or injury, you can face grave liability issues. The situation calls for professional tree removal.

The circumstances surrounding the tree do not matter. The tree may be alive or dead. It may lean over or may have already fallen. The tree may be cracked and dying, presenting a real risk to life and property.

Professionals offering emergency tree removal can deal with the tree efficiently and safely.


What Should You Look For in a Tree Removal Service?

Emergency tree removal is a huge and complicated operation.  You need to be discerning when making your choice of which company to hire.

  • Trained and experienced manpower

You need people equipped with the skills, training, and experience to do the job for you.  Tree work can be risky. It has to be done by trained personnel.

Inexperienced technicians can hurt themselves. In the process of doing a job in which they are not adequately skilled, they can also hurt innocent pedestrians or passersby.

They can dent and damage cars and vehicles which are close by.  They can cause immense branches to fall on nearby structures and cause damage. An inexperienced and sloppy crew can do more harm than good in trying to remove a tree.

  • Right equipment

You need more than just the right manpower. You need experts who have the appropriate machinery for the task.

You need experts who have a wide range of equipment to facilitate the work. They need to have industrial cranes so they can work around difficult and confined spaces efficiently. They need log loaders, bucket trucks, and powerful stump grinders and chippers so they can do the job fast and efficiently.

You need to hire an expert crew with state-of-the-art equipment to handle the job.  You have to hire the right company to guarantee a safe, clean, timely and problem-free tree removal.

  • 24/7 Availability

The need for emergency tree removal cannot be predicted.

It can happen in the middle of the night. It can happen in the middle of a storm. You need to get in touch with people who can take your call any time of the day. They should be able to address your need at the soonest time possible.

Companies that offer emergency tree removal services should realize that timely response is of the essence.

They should be ready to respond right after a major storm to stem the damage. They should be able to respond right away if a tree or its heavy branches fall on a vehicle, house, or some other valuable structure or property. Timely response is essential to reduce further damage to valuable assets and injury to people.

When you hire Hometown Treee Services you won’t have to worry about inexperienced or poorly trained workers.

We have the training, experience, and equipment to do the job right, and do it safely.


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